Improve the Look of Your Hardwood Floors

Set up your hardwood floor repair service in Baytown, TX

Your hardwood floors may seem indestructible, but they actually can be quite delicate. High-heeled shoes, coffee spills or cat claws can wreak havoc on your floors. Don't put up with damaged floors. Contact RB Advance Inc. for hardwood floor repair service in the Baytown, TX area. We use a dust-free sanding method to remove imperfections. Then, we'll follow up with a wood stain to make your floors shine.

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Don't let damaged floors diminish your property value

Are your hardwood floors in bad shape? You should schedule hardwood floor repair service if your floors are:

  • Dented
  • Warped
  • Scratched
  • Faded in color

It doesn't matter if you have engineered, prefinished or raw-wood flooring, we'll make your floor look brand-new.

Contact us now to set up your hardwood floor repair service in Baytown, TX. We offer free, in-person estimates and consultations.